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  As you know, young dragons learn in many different ways.  So the teachers show us, in different ways,  how to be safe respectful learners. They explain. We discuss. We role-play.  We think. We write.  We draw. Being modern young dragons we like to learn with new technologies. And we are curious creatures. We need to know the who, what, where, when and why about everything.  Then we really know what is expected of us.

So first of all there are lists of how we should behave in different places, different situations.  They are on display in all the classrooms so we can check for ourselves any time (or the teachers can remind us anytime.)  You can see all the lists combined into a matrix. (Download 19KB) 

The whole school focused on this in a two week unit at the beginning of the year.

There are also many visual reminders in the classrooms and around the school.  Some classes have written big books about good choices.

Mural by Aerograffix
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Classroom display
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Dragon display prominent
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Classroom expectations Year 2
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Reading class-made big book
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Prep-Year expectations chart
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We are making videos too.   I think our first video is really funny.

Now I can tell you how it works day to day.