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  Remember, I'm a Durack Dragon - a safe respectful learner.  Every day, everyone starts off as a Durack Dragon, just like me, and everyone's goal is to stay a Durack Dragon, or maybe become a Star Dragon if we are outstanding during the day.  Here is a class early in the day.

You can see the Durack Dragon and the Star Dragon, but you will notice there are two other dragons.  It's just like traffic lights.  Green means things are fine, you are making the right choices, keep on doing what you are doing.  Yellow means "Wait.  Be careful.  Danger ahead"  and red means "Stop!  Do not Proceed!"  The teachers decide how you are travelling.

The yellow dragon is the Thinking Dragon.  If you slip up, forget what's the right choice, or as my mum says, "have a little lapse", well, you need to sit back or go somewhere quiet for a short time and think about what choices you are making, about what is right and what is not. And the Red Dragon?  Well, that always means you need some help to work out the right choices

So that's essentially how it works - in every class.  Of course, different teachers each have their own way of managing the "Dragon Lights";  Take a look, and then find out some of the benefits of being a successful Durack Dragon.



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