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Being a Durack Dragon is great!   

Twice each term, everyone who has stayed a green dragon the whole time (and being a Thinking Dragon for a short time doesn't count) can attend a celebration of that fact.   For example, we have participated in a Sportability day and enjoyed a magic show.  Of course, I was there every time.  Awesome!


Then there is this competition for classes who are in uniform and on time.  The  teachers keep records each day and at the end of term the classes with the best records have a big breakfast at school.   One day my class will make it.  Maybe one day they will have to cook for 400 hungry dragons.



Even the little things count (proving my mum right again).  Teachers often give out a "Gotcha" slip if they see you making a good choice.  There are several lucky draws at Assembly every week for a tuckshop treat - a healthy choice one, of course.

Some deadly Durack Dragons have won "Solid Score" prizes for good attendance through Vibe Magazine.

Finally, may I proudly present some of my fellow Durack Dragons'  achievements.  

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