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Welcome to Durack State School, home of the Durack Dragons.  Yes, DRAGONS! 

My name is Durack (no coincidence - you see, I was born here).  I'm a Durack Dragon.  In fact, I'm one of the many leaders in the school who try to be great role models for the younger dragons in becoming safe, respectful learners.

You see, that's how we think we can become the best we can be - being safe, being respectful and learning all we can.  Then we should grow to be very wise dragons.

Today it is my pleasure to tell you all about being a Durack Dragon.

I'll start by showing you our place



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  All Mural dragon art on these pages is used with the permission of the artist and copyright owner Aerograffix.  Indigenous Art in Yarning Place provided by Peter Carlo.  Webwork by Ray Poultney.  Durack Dragon images are copyright and may not be copied, altered, distributed in any way without the permission of Durack SS acting as agent for the artist, Michael Fitzgerald.