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Article from myPolice on Mar 18, 2019

Published here with minor formatting changes under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.


Officers from the Mounted Unit with Constable Truong and Constable Staff.

Today, police from Inala Station and the Mounted Unit attended Durack State School for the lucky kids to learn all about police, including police horses.

Senior Constable Simon Shilton from the Mounted Unit spoke to the children about why the QPS has Police Horses and how they work with General Duties officers each day. Whilst speaking about the role of police horses, Senior Constable Shilton also told the kids about the daily routine they follow; including the horses bath time!

When asking the kids how much his horse, Stormy, weighed some of the answers ranged from 200kg to 900kg. Did you know that Stormy weighs about 840kg. That is as much as a small car!

Everyone was so excited to see Felix and Stormy.

Whilst speaking to the kids about the role of the Mounted Unit, officers also spoke about personal safety and how to recognise a police officer, and a police horse.

Joining the Mounted Unit were Constable Ben Truong and Constable Peter Staff. Constable Truong, or Constable Ben as he is known to the kids, is the school’s Adopt-a-Cop and said he has noticed a huge change in the kids in the last few years he has been their Adopt-a-Cop.

“At first, the kids scattered as soon as I arrived at school but now they are all so excited to see me and often come up to me in the shops shouting ‘Constable Ben!’, even on my days off,” Constable Truong said.

Thanks Durack State School, we had a great day visiting and can’t wait to come back!