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Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010


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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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The Commonwealth Games

bullet The Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 - Official site of the Delhi Games
bullet Australian Commonwealth Games Association Website - Official site of Australian Commonwealth Games Assn
bullet The Friendly Games
bullet The story of the Bristish Empire and Commonwealth Games, now known as the Commonwealth Games
bullet History of the Commonwealth Games
bullet Surf India - Common Wealth Games 2010 Delhi, 
bullet SurfIndia Blog ~ Get True Colors of India: Commonwealth Games 2010
bullet CBBC Newsround - Sports News for from Children's BBC, including news from the Delhi Games
bullet ABC's Behind the News preview of Delhi Games
bullet Delhi 2010 - New Zealand site supporting and reporting on NZ athletes at the Games
bullet Para-sport - Delhi 2010

The Commonwealth of Nations

bullet What is the Commonwealth?
Children's BBC Newsround Guide from the BBC. Another site with brief descriptions of the nature, purpose, work, and value  of the Commonwealth.
bullet Commonwealth flags from the World Flag Database - Flags with links to basic information about the Commonweath countries

Australians at the Games

bullet Athletics Australia - Athletes Profiles
bullet Athletics Australia - Athlete diaries
bullet Swimming Australia - profiles of our top swimmers.




bullet India: Country Facts, Information, Photos, Videos -- National Geographic Kids
bullet Learn about India for Kids
bullet Ancient India - History for Kids
bullet The Beauty of India : 50 amazing photos
bullet Photos of India
bullet India for Kids - from the Snaith Primary school Thinking Things collection
bullet A Kid's Life in India.. - part of Thinkquest site written by kids for kids


bullet Commonwealth Interactive Map
bullet Letter Link - Students.  Australia Post's site where you can write a letter online to post to an Australian athlete
bullet Quia - Augustin has been to India. - Quiz by ESL teacher in French school
bullet Quia - In India Another quiz by ESL teacher in French school
bullet Learn Hindi With Aarti
bullet Explore the Taj Mahal - virtual tour

Read Online
Enjoy these Indian stories

bullet Tales Of Hitopadesha in English
bullet Dimdima Kids, Indian online Children's Magazine for Stories.
bullet The Mahabharata | Asia Society Kids One of the world's longest epic poems. What is not in this story is nowhere else.  Retold for children.
bullet Direct links to stories on India for Kids (above)
Ramayana part 1
Ramayana part 2
Ramayana part 3
Ramayana part 4
Ramayana part 5
The Sight of the Blind
The Two Frogs
The Birth of the Ganges




Resources for Teaching

bullet Commonwealth Secretariat  
bullet Letter Link - Teachers  Australia Post program
bullet Commonwealth Games  Wikipedia topic index links to 35 sub-topics
bullet FAQs (Australian Commonwealth Games Association) - Scroll to bottom of webpage for a comparison of the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.
bullet Commonwealth Games: Classroom ideas - from WA Ed. Department



Young Commonwealth resources - downloads of a booklet and flag poster. Suitable for individual use or on IWB in classroom.


Children's BBC Newsround - Commonwealth Games  -Students find out the history of the games and what they are about. They can have a go at devising their own inclusive sporting event


Kurwongbah SS Homework Contracts - Commonwealth Games (Word doc.file)  Activities using Tony Ryan's Thinker's Keys.


Take the Commonwealth Tour  - Flash video overview of the Commonwealth


Sportsworks-activities-good-sports.pdf - a variety of activites on sports-related topics, e.g. sportsmanship, health.  Adaptable for this topic.


British Museum Ancient India Webquest


India - Countries - FREE Presentations in PowerPoint format, Free Interactives and Games


People in Action art activities by Zart Art


Free India Clip Art



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