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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Virtual Antarctica This expedition was the first to go on-line for all the world to share the experience. Re-live the trip, or surf the site to fine out about animals, ecology, history.
bullet Discover Antarctica  in National Geographic's interactive site
bullet Discovering Antarctica - Royal Geographical Society and British Antarctic Division have created this site
bullet Zoom School : Antarctica
bullet Australian Antarctic Division - Visit the Australian stations in the Antarctic.  Find out about life on  Mawson, Davis, Casey, MacquarieI sland and Heard Island  Stations
bullet Douglas Mawson : South Australian Museum exhibit about the famous explorer-scientist. Great site - explore his hut and read his diary.
bullet Shackleton's Expedition
bullet Antarctic Philately has biographies of all the explorers



bullet WickEd Antarctica
bullet You wouldn't want to be an Antarctic Explorer
bullet Weatherbase - Antarctica
bullet Inspire Antarctic Expedition 5  Follow Robert Swan's expedition, as it happens, to the Russian base at Bellingham where they will set up the E-Base -- the first education station in the Antarctic. From 21 Feb 2007.

Antarctic Webcams (Remember, the daylight hours are very short in winter)

bullet Australian stations
bullet The South Pole (sunrise is in September!)



Resources for Teaching

bullet International Polar Year  Educators pages


bullet Classroom Antarctica - NZ site with activities and educational videos,
bullet Antarctica New Zealand Information Sheet
bullet Discovering Antarctica resources - available for educational use - print and multimedia files