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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet KidsHQ - Young person's gateway to the Australian War Memorial's website
bullet Australian War Memorial - information and Online Exhibitions
bullet The Great War Timeline
bullet Australians at War - website of the TV series of the same name
bullet Anzac Day - A simple intro to Anzac Day for younger kids
bullet Rochedale State School Anzac Day
bullet Peter Macinnis's Anzac Images - take a trip to Gallipoli with Peter Macinnis's slide show.
bullet Indigenous Australians at War - a hot list of sites about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in Australia's defence forces



bullet Anzac Discoveries - Student home page for graded activities based around Multiple Intelligences
bullet Jack Hazlitt – World War 1 digger
In this short excerpt, taken from the Australian Biography Series 1, Jack Hazlitt reflects on his work as a runner in the trenches at Gallipoli. This clip comes from Film Australia’s Digital Learning collection.
bullet Gallipoli : the first day  ABS TV interactive on the landing at Gallipoli.
bullet Listen to The Last Post and the Rouse at the Australian War memorial's Commemoration page.




Resources for Teaching

bullet An Introduction to Anzac Day for Early Childhood
bullet Trenches Selected Tours -  part of the huge Trenches on the Web site with information on WWI
bullet Anzac Discoveries - NZ site with activities for 1-2 week programs designed around Gardiner's Multiple Intelligences
bullet Anzac Infoquest - From MyInternet & Curriculum Corporation for Upper Primary, Lower Secondar
bullet Anzac Day Ideas - MP-UP - Linking Learning Technologies (.pdf)





Updated March 2007