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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art - Collection  
Find out about the paintings in our local gallery
bullet In the Artist's Footsteps   - Australian artists 
bullet Picture Australia  Search for famous images
bullet Australian Artists Picture Trail   from Picture Australia  
bullet Colonial Artists Trail - from Picture Australia
bullet The Heidelberg School Artists Trail - from Picture Australia
bullet One World Magazine - Australian Aboriginal Art
bullet Our Dreamings Central Desert Art of the Walpiri people
bullet Stories from Napranum and Thursday Island - Oral histories from two Indigenous communities illustrate traditional craft practices. Videos require Quicktime.
bullet ArtCylopedia  -Search for a famous artist or famous art works  
bullet Destination Modern Art - Visit the Museum of Modern Art in New York
bullet NGA Kids - Lots of great art adventures and activities for kids from the American National Gallery of Art
bullet Van Gogh's Van Goghs - tour this exhibition of the Dutch artists work
bullet Vietnamese  Art - Famous Vietnamese Artists and links to silk, lacquer and gouache painting and woodblock printing.
bullet Travel to Oriland - a fantastic place to discover all about Origami
bullet Pieces 'n' Creases - another Origami site, made in this case by kids
bullet Siapo designs - the patterns used on Samoan siapo (tapa)


bullet Albright-Knox Art Games
bullet Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art - Games for Kids -  Games related to recent exhibitions. 
bullet Tate Kids - Games, activities and inspiration for kids: become an Art Detective, discover fresh ideas for making art and create an imaginary city.
bullet The Artist's Toolkit  ( Museum of Minneapolis) - learn how to use line, colour, balance in making art.
bullet The Art of Crime Detection - Learn about Left Brain - Right Brain thinking and identify the criminal
bullet Meet me at midnight is a Web game where you travel on an expedition to return a piece of artwork back were it belongs. You play art games to find clues on where the artwork should be. Meet Me at Midnight also teaches about the different types of art.
bullet Mr PicassoHead
bullet The Scribbler
bullet Drawtoy
bullet Drawtoy vs Byocal - Make a kaleidoscopic pattern
bullet One-Point Perspective - How to get perspective in your drawing in 12 online lessons

Cartooning  Corner

bullet Sarah Jordan's Cartooning Lessons
bullet Learn how to draw







Resources for Teaching

bullet Adrian Bruce's class art program - elementary art ideas to teach colour theory
bullet Incredible Lesson Ideas -  from the Incredible @rt Department  (US)
bullet Crayola Lesson Plans Register for free.  Good for art ideas linked to curriculum themes and topics.
bullet Art of Australia    ideas for teaching about Aboriginal art
bullet Online Art Lessons to teach colour theory



bullet Project Dogwaffle 1.2 - a good freeware painting program
bullet Kids Art - Aid  - Indigenous kid's art from Australia and North America
bullet Fine Arts of Vietnam - images of traditional and contemporary art
bullet Tate Learning | Schools Online - searchable database containing all of Tate's online learning resources






Updated March 2007