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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet What do satellites do? - Most help communication... and here's how!
bullet How stuff works -Telecommunications!
bullet The Braille Bug - Find out about Louis Braille, Helen Keller and the Braille system of writing, and play activities and games.
bullet Our Amazing Mail - Australia Post site
bullet Codes and Ciphers : Hidden in Plain View - A Thinkquest site made by students



bullet Learn to sign with Koko - Koko is famous for being able to communicate in Gorilla Sign Language (GSL). Can you figure out what words she's signing? Play the game and find out!
bullet The Satellite Site : use the Satellite Construction Set to build three different types of satellites
bullet Shipwrecked! - You are shipwrecked on a desert island. Learn and communicate to survive!
bullet Communication Breakdown - an on-line research activity
bullet Morse Code Translator - Use the Java version to convert words to morse code and hear how it sounds
bullet Let's Write a Letter - Australia Post site.  Write a personal or business letter




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Updated March 2007