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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Nature's Fury - National Geographic information on tornados, wildfires, volcanos, earthquakes, & hurricanes
bullet Earth & Space | The Why Files : read the science behind the news of volcanoes, typhoons and other natural hazards
bullet Killer Wave: Tsunami
bullet Volcano World -
bullet Volcanoes Online - Student made
bullet Australian Severe Weather - including some good photos for presentations
bullet Ozthunder - Australian weather and storm chasing
bullet EarthScience4Kids
bullet Drought kidcyber
bullet Tsunami facts: check out the mighty wave! | National Geographic Kids
bullet Stormwatchers Game - Download and play this 3D interactive game from Australian Bureau of Meteorology (210MB)
bullet The Young Meteorologist Program : Severe Weather Preparedness Game
bullet Why Files Interactives : control a tornado; play with lightning, make a snowflake and much more
bullet Volcano cams  -  Stromboli in Italy is always a chance of some action
bullet Virtual Volcano - build a volcano trying lava of difference viscosity and having different gas content to build different types of volcanos
bullet Google Maps - Type in the name of a volcano and check the Satellite view to see the extent of its lava flow
bullet Tornado Field Trip
bullet Hurricane Field Trip
bullet Japan Earthquake March 2011: before and after - ABC News

Australian Natural Disasters

bullet Cyclone Tracey : Christmas Eve, 1974 - Darwin
bullet Australia's worst cyclones - Australian Geographic magazine list
bullet Newcastle Earthquake : December 28th, 1989 - Newcastle, NSW
bullet Newcastle Earthquake - Australian Geographic site
bullet 20102011 Queensland floods Facts for Kids
bullet Influenza pandemic | National Museum of Australia

Resources for Teaching



bullet Stormwatchers Game  - Download and play this 3D interactive game from Australian Bureau of Meteorology (210MB). Includes taking precautions for personal safety.