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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet The Disaster Area -
bullet Nature's Fury - National Geographic information on tornados, wildfires, volcanos, earthquakes, & hurricanes
bullet Savage Earth - good information and animations here on volcanos, earthquakes, tsunamis
bullet USGS Earthquake Hazards Program - For Kids Only - Latest news, history, experiments, project ideas, and games
bullet Top Ten Quakes
bullet Killer Wave: Tsunami
bullet BBC News - How earthquakes trigger tsunamis
bullet Volcano World - Best site for kids on volcanos
bullet Worldwide Weather and Climate Events
bullet The Century's Worst Weather - The worst weather disasters of the 20th Century
bullet Australian Severe Weather - including some good photos for presentations
bullet Ozthunder - Australian weather and storm chasing
bullet What is a cyclone? 
bullet Modelling Tropical cyclones -includes animated diagrams to help you understand
bullet Cyclones Clearly Explained
bullet Bushfire Weather -
bullet Volcanoes Online - Student made Thinkquest site
bullet EarthScience4Kids


bullet Make a Quake - Experiment with different ground, foundations and tremor strengths and see if your building survives
bullet Why Files Interactives : control a tornado; play with lightning
bullet Volcano cams  -  Stromboli in Italy is always a chance of some action
bullet Virtual Volcano - build a volcano trying lava of difference viscosity and having different gas content to build different types of volcanos
bullet The World-WIde Earthquake Locator
bullet Savage Seas - go to the Crow's Nest to read about tsunami and use a wave simulator
bullet Google Maps - Type in the name of a volcano and check the Satellite view to see the extent of its lava flow
bullet Tornado Field Trip
bullet Hurricane Field Trip


Australian Natural Disasters

bullet EMA for StudentsHow prepare for and to deal with all sorts of emergencies in Australia
bullet Cyclone Tracey : Christmas Eve, 1974 - Darwin
bullet Ash Wednesday Fires : February 16th, 1983 in Victoria
bullet Black Friday - Victorian Bushfire disaster 13th January,1939
bullet Newcastle Earthquake : December 28th, 1989 - Newcastle, NSW
bullet Thredbo Landslide
bullet Brisbane River Floods
bullet When Sydney was hit with the flu
bullet Droughts in Australia



Resources for Teaching

bullet Global Education Natural Disasters Teaching Activities
bullet Emergency Management Australia Teaching and Learning Activities includes plans for Inquiry Units and for individual lessons


bullet Hazards, Disasters and Survival - A booklet for Students and the Community
bullet Tsunami Visualizations - animated diagrams of the great Asian Tsunami 2004, Papua New Guinea 1998,  and others. 





Updated March 2007