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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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 Dragons of Folklore
bullet Here Be Dragons! : Find out what dragons are, their history, even what a dragon looks like from the inside! 
bullet Draco the Dragon
bullet Con Long - The legendary Dragon of Vietnam 
bullet Animal Planet : Dragons - website of the TV special
bullet Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids | American Museum of Natural History

Living Dragons

bullet Maggil -  Maggil is word from the Yugarubul language of the Jagara people meaning "home of the eastern water dragon". Find out about our own local dragon in one of the Brisbane Stories.
bullet Bearded Dragon - the dragon you might find in your backyard in Durack.
bullet The Dragons of Komodo - world's largest lizard. CHoose from the drop-down list to get a fact sheet.
bullet Sea Dragons : brief information on common and leafy sea dragons
bullet Leafy Sea Dragon videos  - April 2000 - Leafy seadragon was declared South Australia's marine emblem. See it here:
bullet Dragon fruit
bullet Dragon Stories
Find out about dozens of dragons in folktales and children's books
bullet Maud and the Dragon - English legend from 600 years ago
bullet Slaying a dragon and cheating the devil - 1000-year-old English legend
bullet The Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heugh - another very old English legend. "Worms" are a very early kind of dragon.
bullet The Lambton Worm - famous  13th Century English legend
bullet Dragon Tales 
bullet A Dragon in Cleverland -
The Dragon in the Forest
Quazz's Breath are all bedtime stories for all ages
bullet Family Fun Dragon Activities 
bullet Learn how to draw dragons
bullet The Dragon's Den - phonics game for language learners. You have to sort real words and fake words to score.
bullet Harptoons | How to Draw Dragons - Videos




Resources for Teaching

bullet Lions, Dragons, and Nian: Animals of the Chinese New Year  K-2 level lessons for Chinese New Year
bullet Dragon Theme Page


bullet ABC Teach Dragon Theme Unit - including printable story planners and writing prompts
bullet Dragon Dreams - Qld Studies Authority. Visual Arts Unit Plan. Upper Primary students explore visual representations of dragons from a variety of cultural and historical contexts through picture books, stories and films. They make and appraise their own dragons to create a collaborative display called ‘Dragon Dreams’. PDF 160kb
bullet ZartArt 2D dragon




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