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Endangered Species



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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Australian Endangered Animals - Kidcyber page
bullet Queensland's Vanishing Wildlife
bullet Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
bullet ESPECIES Fact Sheets - fact sheets on over 50 endangered species worldwide
bullet Bagheera: Endangered Species and Endangered Animal Online Education Resource
bullet EELink - Threatened Species





bullet Planet ARKhive
bullet Caught in the act



bullet Save the Bilby (Intranet Only)
Get Home Alive | Safe Habitat


Resources for Teaching

bullet EPBC Act list of Threatened Fauna - current official Australian List
bullet EPBC Act List of Threatened Flora - current official Australian list
bullet ARKhive Education - UK site . Free resource for teachers of 7 - 11 year old students.  Main site attempts to build an audio-visual record of life on Earth


bullet Green Kids Guide to Threatened Species  Australian WWF Download (470 KB) shows what kids can do to help save threatened species
bullet WIRES Fact Sheets - downloads from Wildlife information and Rescue Service (NSW) on living with magpies and possums, and other topics.
bullet EE Link Endangered Species - Factsheets





Updated March 2007