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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Seeds of Change Garden   - The history part of this site that shows where many grains, fruit, vegetables and herbs were first grown.
bullet Food Timeline Ever wondered where noodles were invented, who invented potato crisps? Find out more about food through the ages.
bullet Fresh for kids- Information about most of the fruit and vegetables Aussie kids eat.
bullet Food: a guide for kids by Tiki the Penguin
bullet Hungry Monster Food Facts -
bullet Gograins for primaryschools : fact files - Information about all kinds of grains and lentils
bullet Bush Tucker Plants   Native Aussie plants used for food for thousands of years 
bullet Bush Foods and Bush Medicine from Roebourne School, Western Australia 
bullet Moove - Check out the Far Out Facts to find out all about milk
bullet Vegemite - all about the Aussie icon
bullet Honey - Bee facts, honey history, recipes and more!
bullet FoodDownUnder  - One of the top recipe sites
bullet Brisbane Chefs Recipes - Dishes by chefs heard on Brisbane ABC Radio.
bullet NZ Food and Recipes - Bacon & egg pie, hokey pokey and all the other favourites are here!
bullet Samoan Recipes
bullet Vietnamese Cooking -






bullet Plant Parts Salad - Learn what parts of a plant are used in the foods we eat
bullet Graindell's colourful world of rice
bullet Food Webs in the animal kingdom




How foods get to your table

bullet Food Processing
bullet Cheddar Cheese 
bullet Chocolate
bullet Coffee
bullet Eggs
bullet Honey
bullet Milk
bullet Milo
bullet Pasta
bullet Peanut Butter
bullet Potatoes
bullet Rice
bullet Rice - Paddock to Place
bullet Sugar



Resources for Teaching

bullet There are seeds in my soup!  From LandLearn.  Lesson plan : Students describe and identify seeds found in Italian soup mix. They describe the changes that take place when seeds are soaked overnight and when cookedon pulses
bullet Fruits and Vegetables - where are they from?   LandLearn lesson plan
bullet Making Yoghurt - a delicious student activity LandLearn lesson plan


CAN - Can and Aerosol News  Education page which has pdf downloads on the canning industry




Updated March 2007