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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Government in Australia - at the Australian Government portal
bullet Kids View : Parliament in focus : an interactive Flash website explaining representation, democracy, law-making, with games and lessons as well. Parliamentary Education Office
bullet Prime Minister's site : Kidzone
bullet Prime Ministers of Australia -
bullet Civics | Biographies Gallery - Short biographies of notable Australians
bullet Parliament@Work - This link is to the search page  of the web site.  Find information about all Australian parliaments, electorates, parliamentarians and political parties with sitting members
bullet Queensland Government - the starting point for all State government information
bullet Queensland ParliamentAll the information on the State parliament. There is a special For Schools education section.
bullet Brisbane City Council - How our city is governed. They also have a web page of Primary School Student Resources

Around the World and in the Past

bullet Types of Government
bullet 4 types of government. Pros and cons of the four kinds (Powerpoint)
bullet Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
bullet Basic Facts about the UN - Online book
bullet Rulers of the World - Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, Presidents,  etc of all the countries of the world and who were their rulers over the past 300 years.
bullet World Rulers - Kings Presidents Prime Ministers of the World
bullet United Nations Cyber School Bus -  the Kid's section of the UNO site
bullet Federation - Online research module NSW CAP  Lev 3
bullet Australian Government - Online research module NSW CAP  Lev 3
bullet How will I run my country - Online research module NSW CAP  Lev 3
bullet Vote for Me - Online research module NSW CAP  Lev 3







bullet Democracy Rules (Intranet site) - Learn about elections and democracy through Interactives, quizzes



Resources for Teaching

bullet Civics and Citizenship Education -
bullet Teaching and Learning Civic Values
bullet Discovering Democracy Queensland - Effective Practice  -  exemplary curriculum units  by Queensland teachers.
bullet Word List: Types of Government and Leadership - Long live pedantocracy
bullet Australia's Prime Ministers - Meet a PM - brief biographies.  "Fast facts"  which are good material for report writing available for each PM
bullet Electoral Education resources
bullet Brisbane City Council Kid's area - Learning Programs - Resources available for teaching about our local government's work
bullet So you want to be a politician! - Online research module NSW CAP  Lev 3
bullet DD Units - Mid. Prim. - Stories People & Rulers


bullet Democracy Rules Teacher's Toolbox - Intranet site.  Teaching materials for activities on the intranet are available here, or borrow the kit with CD-ROM from our library

Updated March 2007