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Harmony Day



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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Humans - There are many different kinds of animal but only one kind of human. We are all really the same.
bullet 6 Billion others
bullet Racism. No Way! - Information for the whole school community, and games and competitions for kids.
bullet Bullying. No Way! - Website devoted to the elimination of bullying in schools.
bullet Eltham College Peacebuilders
bullet Conflict resolution Skills


Say NO to racism
We can work together
Let's live in harmony

bullet Can You Get the Party Started - Webquest for students in Years 3-4. Invite special friends for a Harmony Day party. You have 12 special guests from different backgrounds. Plan a party that includes everyone. What food will you make? What could you wear.
bullet Community Shopping Centre Planner  Webquest for students in Years 5- 6. Get together with friends to design the perfect shopping centre for everyone in your area. What shops would you choose? How would you bring everyone together?
bullet It's My Life
bullet Out on a Limb : A Guide to Getting Along - For kids around Year 2 to Year 4. Choose the best ways to react to get along best with others.
bullet Symphony of Friendship  - 12 page story of how the Japanese custom of playing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony at Christmas time came about. Listen to some of the music.

Resources for Teaching

bullet Living in Harmony - Australian Harmony Day official website
bullet World Harmony Day - International website
bullet World Harmony Organisation
bullet Harmony Day in the Classroom : Learning activities including word searches, puzzles, message games, print-outs. Includes the two Webquests in Resources for Learning  above
bullet Prejudice. No Way!  K-3 program develop the foundation knowledge and skills needed for anti-prejudice and anti-racism understandings
bullet CricKids : Playing in Harmony - Durack is proud to be one of the inaugural schools in this program
bullet wickED - Topics - War and Peace - Mini Challenge

Updated March 2007