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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

  Investigate Interact  


bullet  Virtual Body - On this brilliant Shockwave site, you can build a skeleton and view the various bones, explore the Digestive
system, take narrated tours of the Heart and Brain
bullet Yucky Gross and Cool Body
bullet Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia
bullet Sunsafe tips




bullet Kid's Health: This is the place to find lots of fun stuff about everything to do with being a kid
bullet Nutrition Cafe
bullet The Reconstructors  - travel through a futuristic world to help solve the mysteries of drugs that have both helpful and harmful effects.
bullet ADHA Kidstuff - gets advice and answers to questions about dental health, and play a game.
bullet Discover Dairy - Choose from the links under Student. The site promotes the value of dairy products in your diet.  Information and games.
bullet Science at The Children's University of Manchester : Teeth & Eating - Uses of teeth View the animations and then try the quizzes. Become a tooth expert!





Resources for Teaching

bullet Howstuffworks  - Choose the Health Channel
bullet EdNA Health & Physical Education Links
bullet AHPSA - Australian Health Promoting Schools Association
bullet Health Promoting Schools - Nutrition Australia Advisory Service
bullet Health Promoting Schools Toolbox - Advice for Qld. communities



Food Facts Fact Sheets -


Breakfast Bar Blues  - Online research module NSW CAP Schools


Teenage Smoking - Online research module NSW CAP Schools





Updated March 2007