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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Kidipede - History for Kids
bullet dig™ - The archaeology magazine for kids!
bullet This Day in History  -  What important events happened today? or any other day of the year?
bullet Today In History. What Happened This Day In History
bullet A History of the World Explore the history of the world through objects.  BBC site.
bullet Thinking Things from Snaith Primary - Learn about British and some Ancient History in most of these these interactives from Snaith Primary School, U.K.
bullet World and British History for Kids - History resources from Woodlands Junior School, UK.
bullet Historic Tale Construction Kit  -Create your own stories using images from the Bayeux Tapestry of life in England a thousand years ago
bullet Castle Kids - a list of sites where you can explore castles and find out about how it was to live in them.
bullet Tiki's Time Machine



Resources for Teaching

bullet Teacher's Guides - History for Kids!  Guides for the website above
bullet National Centre for History Education : ozhistorybytes - online journal published three times a year with articles mostly for secondary teachers and students.  Some articles for primary teachers' reference.
bullet AC History Units Developed by the History Teachers' Association of Australia
bullet Difference Differently : History units  Site also has English, Geography and Civics units on Diversity


History | cap that!  Resource packages for many history topics Years K-10 designed for greater accessibilty for hearing impaired students - but useful for all.


Escape from Australia: a convict’s tale. A 7 minute video  presented as the first-hand account of convict James Martin’s escape, with input from historian Dr Timothy Causer. Captioned




Updated March 2007