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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Oceans Alive- ABC site on marine diversity and conservation of sea life
bullet Sea and Sky : Sea Gallery
bullet Jewels of the Sea -  Australians marine diversity
bullet Life on Australian Seashores - the animals that live between high and low tides
bullet Wild Kids : Coasts - animals of the ocean and coastal water including beaches, rock pools, estuaries and mangroves
bullet Wild Kids : Crabs - Australian Museum site
bullet WIld Kids : Shells. Australian Museum site on molluscs
bullet Great Barrier Reef : ReefED student portal
bullet In Search of Giant Squid - Monster of the deep ocean 
bullet Giant Pacific Octopus
bullet Giant Squid
bullet Fishes : Australian Museum Fish Site - information of many fishes, and links to more.  Check the fish Movies
bullet Identify the fish in SouthEast Queensland waters
bullet Zoom Sharks - You'll like especially the Extreme Shark section
bullet All about dolphins
bullet Whales of Australia : a guide to
whales and whale watching in
bullet Whale Watching Hervey Bay Australia from Hervey Bay in
Queensland, winter playground of the humpbacks 
bullet Zoom Whales - Enchanted Learning's whale of a site
bullet Facts about dugongs
bullet The Australian Sea Lion


bullet Whale Dreams - ABC questions and answers about the Humpback Whale's singing. Needs Real Adio.
bullet Songs of the Whale - Listen to or download several different songs (.wav files)
bullet Sea and Sky: Sea Games - Several games with an ocean theme
bullet Ace on the Case : Secrets@Sea
bullet kidcyberQuest : Living in the ocean Online research activity
bullet Sea creature wall paper pictures
bullet Dexter's Laboratory: Cartoon Network Beach Adventure
bullet Fish Olympics
bullet Webs of Life - Game from the BBC
bullet Journey to the Deep - Game from the BBC
bullet Amazing Reef
bullet Mysteries of Apo Island
bullet Build-a-Fish
bullet What's in a name? - some animals are called fish but are they really fish?







Resources for Teaching

bullet Marine Education Society of Australia
bullet Reef ED Teaching Units



Make a fish colouring book - Enchanted Learning print-out


Whales v Fish - Print-out activity : Venn diagram organiser for comparison of whales and fish


Dive and Discover Slideshows - visuals from 10 expeditions to the deep sea


Dive and Discover videos - more deep see diving images


Animal Bytes - One page fact sheets from SeaWorld/Busch Gardens





Updated March 2007