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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Rocks for Kids - Canadian site all about rocks and rock collecting
bullet Minerals A-Z - a list of all minerals
bullet Gemstone A-Z - a list of all gemstones
bullet Physical characteristics of minerals
bullet Discover how rocks are formed with Rocky the Rock Hound
bullet Rocks and Minerals Slide Show -Browse through the pictures to find the name of a rock or mineral and click on its name for more information
bullet The Uses of Rocks and Minerals on the NSW Minerals Council site
bullet The Rock Files - fact sheets about Australian minerals
bullet Project Information from Qld Resources Council. Some fact sheets on QLd minerals and gemstones
bullet Industrial minerals around the house Find out what is used to make everyday things in your home.
bullet SCOPE: Metals - multimedia site for episode of CSIRO/Ten Network program on Metals.  The science behind the metals.


bullet WickED Rock Cycle - Shockwave movie of how rocks are formed.
bullet Explore  The Mining Hall of Fame
bullet On-line lessons on Rocks  - Become a Rock expert with this series of lessons
bullet Minerals at Home
bullet Mining helps make your house  - an online game
bullet Drive a mines truck

Virtual Tours

bullet Bengalla Coal Mine Tour
bullet Cadia Hill Gold Mine Tour
bullet Seaham Quarry Tour
bullet Lonewood Sapphire Mine, Reddestone Creek, Glen Innes
bullet Ben #17, the Coal Mine at the Museum of Science and Industry





Resources for Teaching

bullet  Australian mines atlas.

Science Rocks  Teacher's Kit - from Qld Dept Natural Resources and Water. Download materials for middle and upper primary.


Women in Mining - Classroom activitiesa variety of activities with which how you can turn your classroom into a mineral education activity centre.


Cannington Mine colouring book  - good reading material on  silver, lead and zinc mining


Updated March 2007