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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Drums - Listen to and learn about different drums.  
bullet Classical Composers Archive - If you need to find a biography of a famous composer, here's the place!
bullet Australian Folk Songs - Words and music
bullet World of the Band - Discover the science in how woodwind, brass and percussion instruments make musical sounds.
bullet Jazz Kids
bullet Yothu Yindi
bullet Te Vaka -  world's leading Polynesian band
bullet Christopher John Marshall's sound files : includes performances of Samoan songs arranged by him
bullet Musician's Stories - hear from a hundred musicians from all over the world. Listen to some of their music
bullet Traditional Vietnamese Music - Listen to theatre and folk songs, and to traditional instruments
bullet Sudanese Music




bullet SFS Kids Fun with Music - Learn about instruments, tempo, pitch, harmony, and compose and play music!
bullet A Natural Symphony - Help the famous composer Laurence Gazelle find the sounds to complete this composition
bullet Onion Street Music Room - Try the World Music Mixers, take a quiz or get advice about learning music
bullet Drum and singing Workshop - learn some African music from BBC Radio 3
bullet Drum Lessons
bullet World Beat Music Mixer
bullet - Click on the Virtual Studio the Didgeridoo to mix some great indigenous music loops and sounds
bullet Turntables: De Plattenspieler im Netz - A virtual DJ booth where you can experiment with beats and scratches and samples
bullet Music Map : Enter the name an artist you like and the Music Map will show you a concept map of similar artists you may never have heard of, but most likely will enjoy
bullet The Pure Drop: An exploration and celebration of world music.  Interviews, mp3s, videos and more of many world music artists.
bullet Virtual Orchestra
bullet Musical Mysteries


Virtual Keyboard




Resources for Teaching

bullet Qld Studies Authority -Years 1-10 The Arts  - current Qld. Syllabus
bullet Music Education Online
bullet Sound Junction







Updated March 2007