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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Rio Olympics 2016 - Official site
bullet The sports of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Official site. Contains fact sheets, athlete profiles, cultural information, and news.
bullet Official Mascots of the Rio Olympics
bullet Official Site of the 2016 Australian Olympic Team
bullet Countries and flags
bullet World Flag Database: Full Index - Find flags for your reports
bullet Freemap - the place to find maps to use in your reports
bullet Summer Olympic Games Facts
bullet Olympic Heroes - Athlete profiles, events, videos - from the IOC site

Ancient Greek Olympics - Facts for Kids - History for Kids


Ancient Greeks : the Olympic Games - BBC Primary History


Journal E: Olympic History - interesting graphical history of the Olympics up to Atlanta 1996


Brazil Fact File

Latest News

bullet Rio 2016 - news on the ABC website
bullet Winged Sandals - Explore the world of Ancient Greece where the Olympics began
bullet It's Greek to Me - Represent your country at the Olympics. You have to be strong and smart to win.  You'll learn about the Greek influence on our language as you play.
bullet Word Hurdles - Name the sport to clear a hurdle.  BBC Learn English word game.
bullet Moon Olympics Game
bullet The Olympic symbols Matching game




Resources for Teaching

bullet TeacherVision : 2016 Summer Olympic Games - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
bullet Jane Carr's Research Questions - organised according to Bloom (some specifically for  2000 Olympics but very easily adapted)
bullet Olympic Games - Themed Links for a French school's EFL program

Teaching Ideas - The Olympics.  Free printable resources


ESL resources for teaching vocabulary and language related to Olympic Games, Countries and Sports. You will be surprised by the fact that students so badly want to learn the names of their favourite sports and actions. They watch sports and activities on TV but can't talk about them. These worksheets will you teach all that stuff with ease. We've done it all for you - Word Puzzles, Flashcards, Games and more...


Ted-Ed lesson and video. 


Resources Australian Olympic Committee Education Lesson Plans


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