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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet World Surfari - was started by a schoolkid and visits a different country each month. See his visits to Tonga, Samoa and New Zealand
bullet South Pacific Travel Organiser
bullet Australia and Pacific maps
bullet Languages of the Pacific

Pacific Island nations

bullet Aotearoa (New Zealand) - Polynesian Cultural Centre
bullet Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand
bullet The Heart of Polynesia - the Cook Islands
bullet Fiji - Polynesian Cultural Centre
bullet Fiji Visitor Information
bullet Hawaii - Polynesian Cultural Centre
bullet Hawaii 
bullet Marquesas - Polynesian Cultural Centre
bullet Marshall Islands
bullet Nauru - Official Nauru Tourism website
bullet Nuie - Nuie Tourism site
bullet Peace Corps Kids World - Kiribati
bullet The Living Edens: Palau, Paradise of the Pacific
bullet Pitcairn Island Office
bullet Rapa Nui (Easter Island)  - Polynesian Cultural Centre
bullet Easter Island Foundation and Easter Island Guidebook
bullet NOVA Online | Secrets of Easter Island
bullet Easter Island Virtual Tour
bullet Samoa  Polynesian Cultural Centre
bullet Samoa A to Z
bullet Fa'a Samoa - the Samoan way of life
bullet Siapo
bullet Tahiti  - Polynesian Cultural Centre
bullet Tokelau
bullet Tonga - Polynesian Cultural Centre
bullet Tonga Experience - a tourism site with maps. information about geography, culture, climate.
bullet Tonga on the 'NET
bullet Tongan Culture Photo albums
bullet Tuvalu
bullet Vanuatu Visitor Information
bullet Wallis & Futuna - Lonely Planet World Guide



Pasifika Patterns Make some Polynesian designs for tapa and siapo and learn about symmetry at the same time


Survival on Niu Island It is 2170 and two kids have crashed. Can ancient knowledge help them survive.

bullet Pacific Adventure -  Web Trek (Jill Barrett, Many West SS, Qld.) (Find Web treks in the right side column)
bullet Pacific Beat - Pacific News from Radio Australia. Includes Podcasts.
bullet Pacific Islands Report - News site from Hawaii
bullet TAGATA PASIFIKA | TV ONE - Watch online videos of some of the summer series of NZ TV program Tagata Pasifika. Click on the links in the box headed 'online videos' to access the video files.
bullet Wayfinders : a Pacific Odyssey
bullet The Wayfinder Game
bullet Vaka Taumako - The Art and Craft of a Polynesian Voyaging Canoe
bullet Canoe navigation - Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Read and view

bullet Pasifika - Digital legends  - Movie, sound or text versions.  Listen in English and a variety of Polynesian languages. Made by NZ students
bullet Oceania Mythology
bullet Pacific Lore - Share the stories of the Pacific Islands
bullet TKI - Maori Myths, Legends and Contemporary stories
bullet Skin Stories - the art and culture of Polynesian tattoo
bullet TKI - Pasifika - Hotshots - Student videos

Resources for Teaching

bullet Jane's Oceania
bullet AusAid information on Pacific Island countries
bullet Pasifika Education - NZ Ministry of Education
bullet O le Tama Ma Lana A'oga, O le Tama Ma Lona Fa'asinomaga - Nurturing Positive Identity in Children. Final Research Report - NZ Ministry of Education



Polynesian Dances  - Teaching progressions for some Maori and Samoan dances


Pacific Stories - ABC/Film Australia : seven personal stories exploring key themes such as colonisation, land loss, cultural identity, and the future of unique cultures


Team Up  Pasifika -


Tidal Pools: Digitized Texts from Oceania for Samoan and Pacific Studies | NZETC


Teachers' Domain: Maui and the Creation of the Islands Free to download and share 11.6 MB (registration required).Features storyteller Kealoha Kelekolio, and is illustrated with images and graphics of the Hawaiian Islands.





Updated March 2007