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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet All about Rainforests - Enchanted Learning site
bullet Layers of the Rainforest
bullet Passport to the Rainforest
bullet Explore Amazonia - with National Geographic in the moist forests of the Amazon region
bullet Biomes of the World: Rainforests
bullet Project Rainforest - a Thinkquest site where you can explore a tropical rainforest
bullet Amazing Rainforest Animals - pictures, links and info on unusual rainforest creatures
bullet Animals of the Rainforest - South American
bullet Manu - Peru's Rainforest

Australian Rainforests

bullet Rainforest - Australia - Wonderful photos, and new rainforest information sheets
bullet Lamington National Park (Qld)
bullet Rainforest types of SE Queensland
bullet Australian Rainforest Ecosystems
Information on some Australian rainforest animals and plants.
bullet The Plants And Animals Of The Wet Tropics - Queensland rainforest plants and animals
bullet Nocturnal animals of the Daintree Rainforest
bullet Daintree Forest Wildlife
bullet Rainforest ReptilesAustralian reptile pictures and information
bullet Rainforest Projects - from Rochedale State School


bullet Kidz: Explore the rainforest : Good information on Rainforests, their uses, conservation and destruction - plus games and pictures and colouring in activities.
bullet Amazon Interactive
bullet Animal Moviesuse the search box; also change to audio or images if you wish.
bullet Rain Forest at Night--From National Geographic - Borneo
bullet Layers of Life - explore a rainforest in Sumatra





bullet Rainforest Explorer Library - Australian  tropical rainforest images, documents, video, sounds.
bullet Skyrail Virtual Tours - look at the Red Peak Boardwalk tour to see what it is like in the canopy of a North Qld rainforest
bullet CyberRanger Archives : Rainforest files



Resources for Teaching

bullet   Rainforest Explorer- Wet Tropics Australia education resource



Rainforests - Online Research Module - NSW CAP schools Level 4


Rain Bird: Rain Forest Curriculum Materials Download





Updated March 2007