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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Science News for Kids
bullet The Why Files : Science behind the News - Science can explain why that plane crashed, why athletes are tested for drugs, why that cyclone did so much damage. Check out the interactives too - tornadoes, rainbows, lightning...
bullet Exploratorium : the museum of science, art and human perception in SanFrancisco has a website of over 15 000 pages about all sorts of science. Try starting with "EXPLORE"
bullet The Mad Scientists Network
bullet Roller Coaster & the Lab :Spark : Weird Science =  The ABC's science site for kids 
bullet ZOOMsci - The science files of the Zoom show on PBS TV
bullet Questacon for Kids - Australia's National Science and Technology Centre
bullet Scientific Method4Kids
bullet Chem4Kids
bullet Physics4Kids
bullet Science4Kids
bullet Biology 4Kids
bullet Bill Nye The Science Guy
bullet Dr Karl's Homepage - ABC site of Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
bullet Science Labs - Learning Zone Resources designed for Yr 6 students preparing for national testing in UK.

Car Physics: Understanding Newton's Laws of Motion




bullet Science Odyssey - very cool site about what man learned in the 20th Century about our natural world.
bullet Science Clips - Choose the screen for your age, then the clips of your choice.  Take a quiz to see how much you learned.
bullet Funology - The Science of Having Fun
bullet ReviseWiseScience - Choose from 
Living Things, Materials or Physical Processes and there are many Activites to try.  You can print out a fact sheet or maybe a worksheet and do a test too.
bullet PBS Nature Puzzles
bullet The Mystery of the Maladjusted Material
bullet Team Science - Electricity - How a circuit works  and investigate conductors and insulators.
bullet Funderstanding a Roller Coaster - The aim is to get maximum thrills without crashing. You can't defeat the laws of physics!
bullet Active Science - Try the games in Humans and Animals, Humans and Animal Habitats, Energy Challenge and Population Growth to learn some super science
bullet Scientriffic Magazine - hard copy in our library
bullet Ocean Odyssey - learn the science of sound as you solve the fishy goings-on
bullet ParkWorld Plot!  Investigate the science of forces to save ParkWorld from ruin.
bullet Silicon Spies - Investigate the science of electricity in a secret mission to save the city
bullet Edheads - Simple Machines Activities - Lever - Pulley - Wedge - Screw - Inclined Plane - Wheel and Axle - Gear

Resources for Teaching

bullet Queensland Years 1-10 Science: Syllabus  
bullet EdNA Science Links
bullet SCOPE :: Teacherzone - Teaching resources for the TV series.  See also the individual episodes
bullet ScienceLynx - Useful science websites for teachers
bullet National Science Week
bullet Junk Science - topical index. Skeptic's dictionary
bullet Bright Sparcs Home Page - Explore Australia's scientific heritage. Teacher's guide for activities Level 4 up. re Australian scientists.
bullet Science and Technology links
bullet Frank Potter's Science Gems
bullet The Science Spot



Science Teaching Ideas - U.K. Many downloads of lessons, worksheets, graphic organisers


Primary Resources: Science - UK site similar to above


Science Friday : Archives by Topic audio files of the USA program on many topics.  Access with Real Player


Free Science K-12 Powerpoints - presentations shared on the web by US teachers


Brain Pop - Subscription site but has some science videos free to view



Updated March 2007