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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Star Child - a learning centre for young astronomers
bullet Nine Planets Just for Kids
bullet Lift off to Space Exploration - the basics from NASA
bullet NASA Kids
bullet Space Kids
bullet Amazing Space
bullet Windows to the Universe
bullet Space Today Online
bullet Constellations
bullet Star Journey
bullet Meteors that changed the world
bullet The Comet's Tale
bullet Space & Astronomy News (from the ABC's The Lab)
bullet NASA Multimedia
bullet Exploring Mars
bullet HubbleSite -- Out of the ordinary...out of this world.
bullet Solar Eclipse : Stories From the Path of Totality - Exploratorium site on solar eclipses. Read the legend of the sun-eating dragon
bullet ZOOM Astronomy




bullet Asteroids : Deadly Impact  - On-line detective game
bullet Find out your weight on other worlds
bullet Earth Viewer - See what the Earth looks like from space right now!
bullet Moon Shadow : Watch a Solar Eclipse
bullet Solar System Simulator
bullet Southern Stars - Learn about the stars in our sky and read the stories of Australian Indigenous peoples about the constellations
bullet The Space Hopper Game - Learn about constellations in the tutorial and try the quiz (one or two players)
bullet Astro Adventure : Investigate the Solar System as you save yourself from disaster...
bullet Earth Guide Find out where Earth is in the Milky Way, how the Earth is different from other planets, where the sky becomes space.
bullet NASA Interactives
bullet Earth Sun and Moon - BBC science clip
bullet Angry Red Planet - Solve the Mystery! A science mystery to read and solve
bullet A Mystery of Space: S T A R S
bullet Escape from Planet Earth! - NWS CAP Schools Online research module - Level 3
bullet Space Challenge - NWS CAP Schools Online research module - Level 3





Resources for Teaching

bullet   Queensland Years 1-10 Science: Syllabus  






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