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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7



 General Information, Geography and History
bullet Vietnam Country Profile - National Geographic Map Machine. View satellite maps here, and print an outline map.
bullet Asia for Kids : Vietnam Country facts
bullet People and places - Facts in brief - from Kidcyber
bullet People and places - Vietnam - from KidCyber
bullet Albert goes to Vietnam - Find out what Albert saw in Vietnam.
bullet Go Places with TFK : Vietnam - including a sightseeing guide, timeline of history, e-postcards
bullet A picture book of Vietnam - Created by Year 2 students.
bullet Kid's eyes on Asia - Information about Vietnam by Year 6 students.
bullet Vietnam  - created by Year 8 students
bullet An introduction to Vietnam - Find out some basic information about
bullet Vietnam.
bullet Facts and Stats - Windows on Asia
bullet Country profile - Vietnam - From Global Education. (This page is slow to load)

Kid's Eyes on Asia  -Website on Vietnam by yr. 6 from St Monica's Primary School, Victoria, Australia

bullet Viet Nam History
bullet BBC Timeline of Vietnamese History - watch video on some important events of recent times
bullet The Trung Sisters - heroines of Vietnamese history
bullet Photo Essays by Travellers in Vietnam
bullet Getting around in Vietnam - Find out about the different forms of transport in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Culture

bullet Things Asian "For Kids" Vietnam stories
bullet Vietnam : Journeys of Body, Mind and Spirit - online exhibit
bullet Vietnamese family
bullet Living in our Family in Viet Doan, Vietnam
bullet Kidlink Multicultural Calendar
bullet Vietspace - Art - check out the work of Vietnamese artists
bullet Vietnamese Garden - Vietnamese Hertiage Society in US has built this traditional garden and buildings.
bullet Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery - this site tells much about Vietnamese Buddhism
bullet Con Long - The Dragon
bullet Pictures of Vietnam
bullet Vietnamese Water Puppet - Vietnam Landscapes
bullet Native language - Listen to some simple phrases in Vietnamese
bullet What is No^m ? - about the ancient script of Vietnamese 
bullet Vietscape Music links


Vietnamese Culture
bullet A Market Somewhere - Fly to Ha Noi, barter for goods, and learn about cooking Vietnamese style.
bullet Vietnamese Cooking - many, many recipes!
bullet A Recipe from The Vietnam - Fried rice recipe
bullet Obe's Favourite Vietnamese Recipe - Spring Rolls
bullet Journey to Vietnam Recipe - Married Couple Fish
bullet Recipe Hound Vietnamese Recipes - over 100 dishes\

Australian stories

bullet ABC Radio News on Vietnam
bullet Vietnamese living treasures: Queensland Vietnamese digital stories project  -
bullet Rewind (ABC TV): Cuc Lamís Suitcase
bullet Vietnamese Youth Media - including info on Tony Le Nguyen
bullet Ahn Do - Comedian
bullet Khoa Do - Young Australian of the Year 2005
bullet ABC interview with Khoa Do
bullet Footy legends - - Movie directed by Khoa Do, starring Ahn Do
bullet Tan Le - Young Australian of the Year 1998
bullet Tan Le  Fact sheet
bullet Le Tuan Hung - composer and performer
bullet Dang Kim Hien - composer, performer and teacher
bullet Le Hoang Minh   - Minh is also a member of Guitar Tek


bullet The Wishing Cupboard - read Libby Hathorn's stories of Vietnam and solve the puzzle. The book is also in Durack SS Library
bullet Musical Fine Art E-Cards

Moon Festival -Durack 2005


More in other I-Files : Tet/Chinese New Year;


Resources for Teaching

bullet Vietscape - Vietnam Entertainment Network.  Popular culture in Vietnam today
bullet Vietnam: Language and Culture -Good knowledge base for teachers
bullet Vietnamese Customs and Culture in the GoCee ViÍt Center
bullet Report from the Linking Latitudes Conference 2004 - Ian Gray Powerpoint download 2.3MB.
bullet Vietnamese Table Etiquette
bullet Vietnamese Traditions and Superstitions
A short discussion on holidays and traditions in general and an exploration of a Vietnamese holiday.

English-Vietnamese Dictionary  - free online dictionary


Vietnamese-English and English-Vietnamese  Dictionaries  (Viet-Ahn and Ahn-Viet) can be downloaded and installed for offline use


VNTIME and Vtimesn fonts


Download Vietnamese fonts -  Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Courier


Nom Foundation - NŰm Lookup


Tai Languages and Cultures - Minority group in Vietnam


Hmong Language and Culture links and resources for the Hmong minority


Map of Vietnam - good printable map


Investigating Cuc Lam's Suitcase   A curriculum unit plan. The suitcase Cuc Lam brought on her journey from Vietnam to Australia is now a National Treasure. Video may be downloaded at this site.


Truyen-Truyen: A Vietnamese Game : Lesson Plan -  Truyen-Truyen is a game that Vietnamese children play that is similar to the game of jacks....more


Tet: Let's Get Ready to Celebrate Lesson Plan: New Year in Vietnam
Learn about Lunar New Year in Vietnam and why it is an especially good time to review good manners. In 2006, Tet falls on February 8..


Updated March 2007