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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7



 General Information, Geography and History
bullet Vietnam - National Geographic Kids
bullet An introduction to Vietnam - Find out some basic information about
bullet Vietnam.
bullet Facts and Stats - Windows on Asia
bullet Country profile - Vietnam - From Global Education. (This page is slow to load)

Kid's Eyes on Asia  -Website on Vietnam by yr. 6 from St Monica's Primary School, Victoria, Australia

bullet Viet Nam History
bullet BBC Timeline of Vietnamese History - watch video on some important events of recent times
bullet The Trung Sisters - heroines of Vietnamese history
bullet Photo Essays by Travellers in Vietnam

Vietnamese Culture

bullet Vietnamese family
bullet Vietnam : Journeys of Body, Mind and Spirit - online exhibit
bullet Vietspace - Art - check out the work of Vietnamese artists
bullet Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery - this site tells much about Vietnamese Buddhism
bullet Pictures of Vietnam
bullet What is No^m ? - about the ancient script of Vietnamese 


Vietnamese Culture
bullet Vietnamese Cooking - many, many recipes!

Australian stories

bullet Ahn Do
bullet Footy legends - - Movie directed by Khoa Do, starring Ahn Do
bullet Hieu Van Le - Governor of South Australia
bullet The Lu family | Waves of migration


bullet Musical Fine Art E-Cards



More in other I-Files : Tet/Chinese New Year;


Resources for Teaching

bullet Vietscape - Vietnam Entertainment Network.  Popular culture in Vietnam today
bullet Vietnam: Language and Culture -Good knowledge base for teachers
bullet Vietnamese Table Etiquette
bullet Vietnamese Traditions and Superstitions
A short discussion on holidays and traditions in general and an exploration of a Vietnamese holiday.




Updated March 2007