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Water Resources


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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet The Water Cycle
bullet Ollie Saves the Planet : Water Use
bullet ActewAGL education website :: Water
bullet H2O - The Mystery, Art, and Science of Water: Facts  - What do you know about water?
bullet Suburban Water Systems - Water Facts - The myths and realities of our water supply
bullet SEQWater - SEQWater's Dams - the dams that supply our water
bullet Water Forever - South East Qld drought management site
bullet Issues: Water for Food FAQs - - CSIRO answers common questions about water use for growing our food.
bullet  World Water Day - 22nd March 2007
bullet El Niño - Students - Ocean World



bullet Drinking Water & Ground Water Kids' Stuff - Games and puzzles
bullet Water Savers Interactive House
bullet Get Wise  - Try Kids Corner for another interactive house
bullet SCOPE: Water - Webpage for the episode of the TV series.  Watch videos on Water filtration and Water treatment
bullet Kesab Watercare Club Interactives  
bullet Trishna and the dream of water - E-book (.pdf) to read. After wishing she didn't have to carry water so far Trishna learns how to protect the environment and challenges her community to make changes.
bullet Creek rescue - You can help Freckles the frog clean up the creek and learn about what makes a creek healthy at the same time. But hurry, Freckles needs your help now!




Resources for Teaching

bullet Water - ABC Site - Fact Sheets and web links for water resources in Australia
bullet wwwtools for teachers : Water education  - hotlist up-to-date at Feb 2007. Mainly Australian content.
bullet Drinking Water & Ground Water Kids' Stuff > For Teachers (Grades 4-8)
bullet Water Cycle Grabber 2  - Water cycle diagram and activities



Get Wise! - Classroom Activities


Waste Not, Want Not - Four stage project on water use in Australia


ActewAGL education website :: Teacher’s area :: Lesson plans - .pdf downloads


WaterSmartHomeAudit -Pdf to dowload and use


Qld Mining Board Game to download, print out and play




Updated March 2007