State Schools of Tomorrow



State Schools of Tomorrow (Inala CLuster) is a project which has renewed the facilities of the schools in Inala.  Construction at Durack State School commenced in March 2009 and the new facilities were officially opened in November 2010.  The program has refurbished three existing classroom wings with larger classrooms, computer rooms offices and storerooms and outdoor learning areas and the construction of many new buildings.  A two-story block houses the Administration and staff facilities on the ground floor, and 4 classrooms with storerooms and teacher offices, 2 computer rooms and two kitchens and an outdoor learning area on the upper floor. A new resource centre, which houses the library, offices and workrooms, a computer lab and AV room, and the Family Literacy Centre was built nearby.  All classrooms, and the library and music rooms now are equipped with interactive whiteboards, enabling teachers to make good use of their laptops. 

Near the refurbished classrooms, we now have a new tuckshop, a huge multi-purpose covered area and an additional toilet block.  A new double classroom block was erected for Year 7.  Several spaces were converted to a science room, an activity room, a community room, offices, and storerooms.  The groundsman gained a new workroom and storage area.    The data network was been greatly expanded and is complemented by wireless access points in 6 of the buildings.  In the same period, the Federal BER program has enabled us to build a fantastic hall. Growing Prep Year numbers meant the installation of a purpose made Prep clasroom.

 The school has been landscaped, covered walkways constructed, car parks completed and a new fence extends along much of the boundary. Rainwater tanks have been installed to save water use and a very large underground tank beneath the multi-purpose covered area provides water for the toilets. Playground equipment which occupied some of the building areas has been relocated and shadecloth erected overhead.  Federal funds from the National Pride program were used to improve the Prep Year playground area, including the installation of the much-loved dragon.



         Inala Schools in the project
     Google Maps photo of Durack SS pre 2009


 Original SSOT plan - not including new Prep classroom, Yr 7 block, hall


National Regional Profile of Inala (Local Statistical Area)  Australian Bureau of Statistics. (update due mid 2007)

Map of Inala - Durack:  On Qld Government's online atlas, choose "suburb" option and enter postcode "4077". Distance measuring tool available. Pop-up links to suburb details.

Demolition of B Block (Youtube)

Resource Centre block, May 2009

Our new library takes shape

New Year 4 rooms begin, May 2009

Walls being constructed for new, larger classrooms, ground floor, D Block.

Classes were accommodated in air-conditioned modular classrooms while their new ones were built