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The Durack School Community has established partnerships with many groups and entities to deliver services and programs to the students of the school.  We value these partnerships highly and greatly appreciate their contributions.

Aunty Beryl


The Indigenous Elders of Inala are valued contributors to the education of both children and teachers at Durack. Beryl Meikeljohn.
our school Elder visits us on a regular basis, working with our students    

Albert Holt, nationally recognised for his community work, was our  Elder for many years.

 A meeting with the Inala Elders is an essential part of our Indigenous Education Induction Day for new school staff. 


Uncle Albert


Glenala SHS and Durack SS conduct a transition program for Year 6 students and involves our students in cultural activities.


The Books in Homes Australia project and, through them, AUSENCO contribute to our literacy program, with each child in Prep Year receiving several  books per year. We thank them sincerely.

With both groups vitally concerned with the youth of the local community, it is natural that Durack should form a relationship with the Inala PCYC in Swallow St.  Some groups attend activities there as arranged and the PCYC provided many Durack children with Before-School and After-School care.
(Ph: 3372 2222 )

Our Scientist-in-Residence, Dr Steve Barker, helps to engage and motivate students in their learning of science

Dr Barker also leads the research into the effective treatment of head lice conducted at Durack SS

Trials and implementation of Clowning Around, and  of its successor, Rumble's Quest, software which informs our planning in Social and Emotional Learning.

Launch into Life at Logan  teaches our students about pathways open to them after their school years, about University educational options and lifelong learning.

STEM programs including Professional Development for teachers

Durack trialled amd implemented the successful RoleM mathematics program in early childhood classes and is now extending the program to other year levels


Kummara Association supports our students and some of our indigenous families.


The Robotics program has benefited from professional learning and student activities at The Cube


Durack provides practical experience for Pre-service teachers from University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University and University of Southern Queensland




The Inala Corps generously assists us in the Lunch program

C&K operate a joint facility on our grounds, the Durack Kindergarten


Inala Wangarra
We have been involved in a number of projects including Cluster Indigenous games, support with NAIDOC day, Styling Up art project, and community events



Durack SS has a School-based Police Liaison Officer

Queensland Rugby contributes to our Physical Education and Health program

Blue Fin Fishing Club in Inala sponsors our Gardening Club and Breakfast Club.

Visit Brisbane City Council Website

Brisbane City Council Library - Inala Branch
Durack students are encouraged to be BCC Library members.  Year 6 visits and BCC programs enhance our literacy programs


   Breakfast Club supporters include parents, community volunteers,  and the YMCA.  

We also acknowledge and thank those who have joined with us in the past in  programs and activities, including:




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