Information for the School Community

Principal's Welcome

It is a pleasure to welcome your child/children to Durack State School and to wish them happiness and success in all aspects of their school life. Our school strives to provide high quality education programs with an emphasis on creating learning environments that are innovative and enriching. Staff place great emphasis on the development of students' oral language, literacy and numeracy skills.

We have an inclusive approach where specialists provide programs that cater for individual needs while supplementing classroom practice. Programs include ESL, learning support, oral language and students with disabilities programs.

Various enrichment programs focus on our gifted and talented students. These include scientist in residence, academic competitions and challenges and leadership, particularly as a key focus in Year 6. We also support elite athletes to progress to Regional and State levels. Cultural dance, choir, instrumental music and keyboard opportunities are part of the performing arts program.

Classroom computers with internet access offer exciting opportunities to integrate information and communication technology as a teaching tool in all areas of learning. All students can access interactive whiteboard technology within the classroom setting, and many uses are found for iPads across the curriculum.

Our students are recognised as 'Durack Dragons - Safe, Respectful, Learners'. Our school uses the iconic dragon as a unifying symbol to our school wide positive behaviour program..

We have enjoyed the opportunity to have students enrol from overseas studying at our school. This adds a further richness to out multicultural environment. We are recognised as an accredited Education Queensland International School.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become a part of your child's school experience. Please feel free to join the Parent and Citizens Association or become actively involved as a volunteer.  We gratefully accept help in the school and I urge you to get involved for your child's sake. Studies have repeatedly shown that children who have parents involved with their school do better in their studies.

To ensure open lines of communication are maintained, information is sent home regularly, via the fortnightly School Newsletter and the Communication Book. As the Newsletter (which can be accessed online) contains information about the day to day operation of the School, including excursions and other variations to the School routine, it is important that attention is given to its contents.

The staff at Durack State School endeavour to be role models for our students. Positive attitudes greatly enhance a child's chances of developing their potential at school. Please do not hesitate to contact class teachers on any matter concerning your child's education. You will always be welcome.

We are very proud of the quality education our school provides. I look forward to working with you to ensure our school maintains its vitality, relevance and effectiveness.

Beth Petersen