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Core Curriculum at Durack


Curriculum is the planned learning that a school offers and delivers. While this is based on the models provided by Education Queensland, teachers decide how best to plan and deliver the curriculum to ensure all students have opportunities to engage in meaningful learning and achievement. Adjustments are made for individual student's learning needs. (This is known as differentiation)

This year we will plan, teach, assess and report English, Mathematics, Science and HASS (History and Social Sciences) across the year levels using the models developed by the Queeensland Department of Education  to implement the  Australian Curriculum.  In Technology,  The Arts  and HPE implementation of the Australian Curriculum is in progress. 

At Durack State School, focussed teaching and learning in English and Maths is daily fare. Class  teachers, specialist teachers and teacher aides work in teams with small groups of learners.   Science teaching and learning emphasises inquiry. The Technology curriculum is being implemented with teaching of both  digital technologies being established in the upper year levels and being developed in other year levels.

An Excursion Program complements classroom teaching and learning.  

Music and Physical Education specialists lead programs in their areas of learning.  Instrumental music is taught to students with interest and aptitude.

Sport, physical activity, health and safety are a significant part of our Health and Physical Education program.



The Queensland Studies Authority website contains the current approved material in the Key Learning Areas.

Queensland Department of Education

The  Website contains other information about the Queensland curriculum.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) includes comprehensive information on the coming national curriculum.