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For many years Durack State School, home for the Durack Dragons, has been the learning environment for many students from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Durack State School offers a unique opportunity for all our learners (regardless of their backgrounds) to access a world class education to equip them for their future learning and real life experience. At our school we recognise, encourage and celebrate our students' diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Many of our school staff members are themselves bilingual.

To support learners from Non English Speaking Backgrounds (NEBS), there is an English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D) programme taught by qualified and experienced bilingual EAL/D teachers and teacher aides. They liaise between parents, teachers, learners and administrative staff to assist and facilitate learning

At Durack State School, learners from various linguistic backgrounds work with the EAL/D teachers and/or teacher-aides at different levels individually in their mainstream classroom or in small groups in our EAL/D room to achieve specific learning objectives in listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Our ESL programmes link very closely with our classroom curriculum to ensure academic success for our ESL learners.