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LOTE : German

    Herr Schoen. German teacher
The study of a language other than English  is part of the Queensland State School curriculum. Learning another language has been shown to often have positive effects on children's overall school performance and  problem-solving skills. Learners build up a repertoire of language learning skills that transfer to other learning. It also improves their vocabulary in their native language and their ability to communicate with people generally.  Learners unavoidably gain a greater knowledge of another culture too.   Knowing a second language ultimately provides a competitive advantage in the work force by opening up additional job opportunities. As we focus on listening and speaking more when we are young, learning at a young age is the best way to learn another language, so that we may grasp the skills more quickly and successfully.
The Queensland syllabus for German is available from the Queensland Studies Authority.
At Durack SS, students learn German language and culture with a focus on conversational German and cultural understanding.   Networked software and internet resources which are structured for beginning learners of German are often used in class.  Our German teacher is a native speaker of the language, Herr Wolf Schoenknecht - known to the students as Herr Schoen.