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Our Guidance Officer- Mr Rod Nelson

Our school Guidance Officer is part of the school team and as such is involved in assisting students and their families.

Our Guidance Officer visits the school on a regular basis


The School Guidance Officer’s responsibilities include the following:  

  • Providing support to schools and their communities which reflect an emphasis on support for the educational, physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children. This support is provided through activities such as psycho-educational assessment and intervention; individual and group counselling; advocacy for the educational and personal welfare of students; and intervention which focuses on behaviour management or learning issues.

  • Ensuring that equity of educational access, participation and outcomes for all students is achieved and addressing the educational, personal, vocational and institutional needs of clients.

  • Providing a counselling service to the school community to assist clients in decision making about critical educational, personal, vocational and/or institutional issues and provide brief ongoing support during the implementation phase of their decision.

  • Providing specialist advice and reports about children/ students and adults in areas concerning the nature of disabilities, developmental levels, and psychological and emotional status.

  • Investigating and assessing a wide range of learning and adjustment issues referred by administrators, teachers, parents, clients and other agencies for guidance officer intervention.

  • Preparing and implement professional and personal skills development programs and in-service activities for administrators, teachers, parents and other members of the school community.


Telephone: (07) 37142666