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Numeracy at Durack

Our Mathematics Curriculum is taken directly from the National Curriculum (ACARA). Teachers are supported in delivering this curriculum through a range of innovative practices, one of which is RoleM.

Our Numeracy Coaching Team is headed by Eva De Vries  supported by Liz Edwards

What is RoleM?

RoleM has four main rationales that form its foundations:

  • To support teachers to plan and implement effective mathematical strategies while examining the assessment of studentsí growth in mathematics (formative and summative);

  • To build a collaborative partnership between teachers, teacher aides and the community, to implement culturally appropriate learning experiences for all students;

  • To build teacher aide  capacity by assisting them  to become key players working with teachers and students in classrooms;

  • RoleM ensures that it effectively caters for the learning contexts of all students. RoleM facilitates teachersí differentiation of the curriculum. RoleM materials:

  • are visually and kinaesthetically stimulating

  • are based on appropriate pedagogies and best practice

  • support teacher planning and assessment of student learning

  • reflect the National Mathematics Curriculum

  • emphasise the language of mathematics, and

  • reflect culturally inclusive teaching and learning

Deputy Principal Tracey Slingsby works with the team as the Program Manager.




Tracey Slingsby, Deputy Principal,  is Mathematics Program Manager.


Eva DeVries,
Numeracy Coach