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Every day counts  is a State-wide campaign promoting increased attendance as a positive factor in improving student achievement.

Parents can read more about the campaign on the Education Queensland's website at http://education.qld.gov.au/everydaycounts/

At Durack, in 2015, the students' overall attendance rate was 93%.

This seems like a "high score".   If you saw 93% on a report card.... WOW!!     If you think about the rate though, it means, on average, each student was away about 1 day in every 14..  However there are many students who are rarely absent. So, even accounting for normal numbers of children who fall ill,  there must be quite few  children who are not at school one or more days every week.  

This adds up over years, and could mean a child has missed over a year of learning and being taught during their Primary School years.

The ideal for us is

‘Every day, in every classroom every student is learning and achieving’.  They

  • Come to school
  • Come on time by 8:50am
  • Go home at 3:00pm

As part of our School Wide Positive Behaviour program, there are a few ways we are encouraging the students to be at school, learning.


Each Semester we are holding a MONSTER BREAKFAST  for the classes on time for class.
Master chefs Mrs Slingsby and Mrs Petersen, assisted by tuck-shop staff and various community members make the breakfast for our most punctual dragons. 

Recognising the best!

Certificates are awarded at assembly near the end of second semester to all those students with a PERFECT attendance record for the year.
Congratulations to all those students! You are giving yourself the best chance of doing well this year and in the future.