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Working with Kummara

Durack State School has been recognised for many years as leading the way in building Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’ capabilities.

The success of the strategy led to Durack SS being :

  • Recognised as a Centre of Excellence for Indigenous Education.  The Principal at that time, Jill Hole, was also recognised as a Partners for Success High Achiever Principal. 

  • Winning the ‘Media Monitors State Showcase Award for Excellence in Inclusive Education – Taking Time to Include’

  • Winning the Premier State Multicultural Award

  • Recognised as a top regional EATSIPS  School (Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Schools.  EATSIPS aims to provide all students with an understanding and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and traditional and contemporary culture. 

With inclusive practice at its core, the Durack strategy has become the model, in this multicultural school, for addressing the needs of other groups.

The school has a strong focus on Closing the Gap of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students.

As an active member of the Inala community Moving Together committee, the school works with cluster schools, Education Queensland support services, Mission Australia, Kummara, The Elders and Wangarra. This committee works towards linking our families with support services and culturally connected activities, while building capacity and understanding of support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students


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