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Special Education


At Durack State School we run a fully inclusive Special Education Program.  This means that students with a disability work in the classroom with their age peers. Our SEP  caters for students who have been verified (or are awaiting verification) in the following disability categories: Intellectual Disability (ID), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Speech Language Impairment (SLI), Hearing impairment (HI), Physical Impairment (PI) and Vision Impairment (VI). The class teachers and special education staff work closely together to adjust the curriculum thereby enabling each student to actively engage in their learning.  This may be done by:

  • modifying the language demand

  • adjusting the curriculum content and delivery

  • reducing the length of the expected task, or by

  • supplying visual or concrete aids throughout the school day.

Small groups or one-to-one support is also provided from teacher aides and special education teachers.


The special education program (SEP) offers its students an extended range of options on top of the expected curriculum demands. These activities and programs include; fine and gross motor programs, a cooking program, community access and social skills program within the school community. Our programs and their delivery are flexible and tailored to meet the needs of each individual student, thereby aiming to maximise learning and participation for each child.

Socially, a ‘Friendship Club’ is run each long lunch break for students in Years 1 to 4.  Students who find break times difficult to contend with, or require a guided approach to social situations are able to build friendships and develop social skills in a safe and supported environment where they have the option of playing with board games, lego, doll houses/garage, dress ups and other activities . IPads are also available at this time

Parents or carers are supported through the local MyTime support group and we have links with the Disability Support Team based at Inala Civic Centre.

Each year, during Disability Awareness Week, we conduct activities which build all students' understanding of the challenges facing people with disabilities.

Special Education Teachers

Kerry Gair
Deputy Principal Inclusion

Jenita Liebenberg

Meaghan Kloske (on leave)

Danielle Pilz

Ruth Upham

Theodora Roberts

Nikki Culwick

Lyrienne Cook

Cate Cranston

Meg Taylor





Gail Helmsley (Speech Language Pathologist)

Jenny Tang (Speech Therapist)