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Sustainability Program


Sustainability is one of the cross-curriculum priorities in the National Curriculum and is incorporated into subject areas where relevant.

The school has developed a School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP). This program has a whole school approach and includes the wider school community while partnerships are also acknowledged.

The four focus areas within the program are biodiversity, waste, water and energy. Each year level is already completing learning activities in these targeted areas . Some year levels have planted and maintained gardens, while others have experimented with alternative energies or participated in excursions to such venues as Wivenhoe Dam. 


As part of the Queensland Government Solar and Energy Efficiency Program and the  State Schools of Tomorrow Project at Durack , solar panels, smart meters, IT systems and energy efficient lighting were installed in our school.  The data on our energy use and the output of the 2KW solar system is publicly available on solarschools.net.  This data is also a valuable resource for students studying energy use. The system also advises the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to our energy savings through  solar power generation.


Also during the SSOT redevelopment of our school, water conservation was addressed.  10 000 litre underground tanks were installed to use rainwater from roofing run-off for use in sewerage systems. Drinking water facilities use automatic cut-off bubblers.  Drought tolerant plants were planted in the landscaping of the grounds.

With the National Curriculum more opportunities will be planned for students to be involved in Earth Smart projects.  

Water-driven turbines     Water-driven turbines