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Technology refers to how we apply our knowledge of the natural world to shape the world we live in and find solutions to our needs and wants. For example, quill pens, pencils, ball-point pens, typewriters, printers and text messaging are some of various technologies for written communication developed over time.  Cooking is a technology, as is agriculture, a library classification system, surgery, diamond cutting,  bridge building.  There is a cross-over with many arts and crafts.

As a Learning Area, Technologies comprises two subjects:

  • Digital Technologies  

  • Design and Technologies.

 In the former subject, students create and interact with digital information and systems, use computational strategies and develop conceptual, collaborative and technical skills. In the latter subject, students engage in the design process, developing knowledge, understanding and skills through which they produce solutions for real-world needs. The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) has developed advice, guidelines and resources incorporating the Australian Curriculum.

At Durack State School, the Learning Area embraces everything from programming robots to coding computer games, from creating iMovies to producing wind turbines, 

The Technologies curriculum is well supported at Durack State School by a computer network that covers all parts of the school and wireless access in most areas. Classrooms are equipped with an interactive white board and teachers are issued with laptops by Education Queensland. Each class has access to a pod of desktop computers in rooms adjoining their classrooms, and to a computer lab and green room in the Library.  Over 100 iPads are deployed to enhance learning in Grades 1-6; a similar number of XO laptops with touch screens are available for Prep classes.

Science factory drone



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Tower Challenge: How high can 6 sheets of newspaper and 20cm of tape go?

Bridge Challenge: How much mass can 10 sheets of A4 paper