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Welcome to Durack State School, home of the Durack Dragons.  Yes, DRAGONS! dragon

My name is Durack (no coincidence - you see, I was born here).  I'm a Durack Dragon.  In fact, I'm one of the many leaders in the school who try to be great role models for the younger dragons in becoming safe, respectful learners.

You see, that's how we think we can become the best we can be - being safe, being respectful and learning all we can.  Then we should grow to be very wise dragons.

Today it is my pleasure to tell you all about being a Durack Dragon.

I'll start by showing you our place.

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​Durack Dragons are
​Around the school
In the classroom​
​In the playground
​Lining up
​At sport or excursion
​In an audience
​At the tuckshop
At the toilets​
​On the computer
​Keeping my hands and feet to myself
​Organising and using equipment properly
​Using equipment properly
​Keeping to the left in a straight line
​Remaining with the group
​Remaining with my class
​Spending own money only
​Washing my hands carefully
​Using strong and secret passwords
​Being in the right area at the right time
​Remaining in the room
​Wearing a school bucket hat, broad brimmed hat or legionnaires cap
​Maintaining my own space
​Wearing full school uniform
​Sitting still
​Waiting patiently for my turn
Leaving the toilets quickly and quietly
​Keeping personal information private
​Walking quietly on the left
​Sitting with '4 on the floor' on my chair
​Keeping footwear on except in the sandpits
​Where the teacher has taught me to line up
​Wearing the seatbelt and keeping totally within the bus
​Keeping my space as I stand and sit
​Standing still in the line
​Taking a buddy during class time
​Reporting 'bad stuff' on the internet or emails
​Using manners
​Speaking when it is my turn
​Sharing and taking turns
​On time
​Being polite to members of the public, giving them space and keeping noise levels down
​Removing my hat, standing to face the flag during the singing of the anthem
​Choosing quickly
​Flushing toilets after use
​Respecting the privacy of others' files
​Taking care of property, myself and others
​Waiting patiently for my turn
​Solving issues with appropriate words and a calm voice
​Using my whisper voice until the Creed
​Showing sportsmanship whether we win or lose
​Sitting with lips closed, hands in lap and legs crossed
​Speaking clearly
​Looking after people's privacy
​Following copyright laws
​Following directions - first time, every time
​Using the right words and voice
​Putting euipment away on the bell
​Following the line leaders and allowing them to do the leader's job
​Caring for equipment and the venue
​Responding in the way I have been taught: clapping
​Keeping noise to a minimum
​Reporting any misue to the teacher
​Using appropriate words in emails
​Knowing the Dragons expectations , creed and school song
​Attempting all tasks and asking for help when needed
​Showing great sportsmanship
Ready and organised for the next activity
​Asking questions to learn more
​Knowing the right time to clap/respond
​Ordering before 8.50am
​Asking permission to go to the toilets
​Knowing the laws about social media sites
​Knowing and following the Dragon rules
​Knowing and following the classroom rules
​Knowing and playing by the rules of the game or activity

​Working as a team
​Facing the speaker when listening
​Learning about money and change
​Going at the preferred times - breaks
​Using school computers for school work
​Knowing lockdown/Evac procedures
​At 8.50am, 11.30am and 1.45pm
​Knowing and playing school-approved games

​Completing activities
​Knowing how to move from audience to stage
​Knowing about healthy food choices
​Turning taps off
​Logging off when turn is up

All Mural dragon art on these pages is used with the permission of the artist and copyright owner Aerograffix.  Indigenous Art in Yarning Place provided by Peter Carlo.  Webwork by Ray Poultney.  Durack Dragon images are copyright and may not be copied, altered, distributed in any way without the permission of Durack SS acting as agent for the artist, Michael Fitzgerald. 

Last reviewed 12 August 2019
Last updated 12 August 2019