Professional and student group visits


  • Japanese students from Shimonoseki Junior High School learned English at Durack for a week, mixing with our students and staying with some of Durack's families.
  • Year 6 classes enjoyed meeting students from China
  • "We were privileged last week to host seven international teachers from Korea who visited many of our classrooms to view how we teach English here in Australia. We received fantastic feedback from them and they all noted how friendly and enthusiastic they found our students to be."  - Tracey Slingsby, Deputy Principal
  • "This school is like one great big friendly family. I wish I could be reborn and go to this school." Dawoon Jeong
  • Graduate Students from Hong Kong were amazed that in Australian schools that teachers have their own classroom to personalise for their students learning and also at the ability we have to differentiate for students across year levels (e.g a Year 6/7 composite class)



"I love Durack State School because this school is just brilliant! I had lots of friends and they are all fantastic:  they are like my best friends; they always help in the class and in the playground too. I really miss my family back in Vietnam; I have my cousins there too.

I will really miss my friends here at Durack State School. Miss Ho is a very kind and lovely teacher! I love Durack State School, I wish I can come back next year."

Joli, EQI student (Vietnam)

"I have been here at Durack State School since Year 5. I did not speak English and I Salehhad no friends but I did not take long to make many friends. The hardest problem was learning and speaking the English language.

My most memorable moment was Multicultural Week last year  because I participated in the Year 6 dance group and all the activities. My goal when I finish my schooling is to be an astronomer.  I will miss my friends and teachers at Durack. It is the best school I've ever been to."

Saleh  (Saudi Arabia)

"The first time I came to Durack, I was in Year 3. I felt excited and happy to be here. The Year 3 class was very friendly to me. The teacher was very nice and the students in Year 3 were kind and helpful. My favourite subject is sports and music. I like playing soccer in Physical Education class.  My English is getting better thanks to my teachers in Years 3 and 4. Mrs Lee See also helps me learn English. I really enjoyed Indian day for Multicultural Week.Jenny

"I got to taste the yummy Indian food and really liked the roti that Mrs K and Mrs Ali made for one of the Indian activities. I love coming to the library at lunch time and borrowing the Vietnamese books and the English books as well. Durack has a great selection of Vietnamese books for me to borrow. This is my second year at Durack and I am making a lot more friends at this school and I am getting to know the new international students that come here. I am helping Mr Sharma with a new Vietnamese international student that has just arrived in Term 2. I am helping her get to know the school and how it works."

Jenny, EQI student (Vietnam)

Last reviewed 02 September 2019
Last updated 02 September 2019