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​​​​Hear and Say


Hear and Say visit Durack each year to undertake hearing screeners of all our Prep and new students. We also will retest students who may have had a history of fluctuation hearing lost, or students needing a follow up assessment for verification processes.

Families will receive a report that will either show their child has passed or recommend further assistance through their GP and/or possibly an audiologist.

To ensure our students are best supported around possible hearing loss we have FM systems in all classrooms. 

​​​​What happens on your screening day?

 Vision screeners

hear-say1.jpgPrep students undergo Vision screeners each year. These are undertaken by the Health Department. Reports are provided to the families with recommendations as required. One of our local optometrists offer vision assessments for all students who have not be tested before or who may require follow up.

Queensland Health Pop-up Clinics

Queensland Health run Pop-up Clinics which are designed to support both our younger and future preppies. Families are welcome to bring pre-prep students to our playgroup on Tuesdays where from time to time we run health checks. The number of checks at playgroup responds to our community needs. 

Highly Specialised​ Program - Deaf and Hard of Hearing

​The highly specialised program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students provides a caring and positive learning environment where students learn to develop and master skills for their current and future learning, empowering them to be independent and life-long learners. The program aims to maintain an integrated and inclusive facility which meets the educational needs of all Deaf and Hard of Hearing students​.​​​ ​

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Occupational Therapy​

OT-Jenny2.jpg My  name is Jenny Do and I am the Occupational Therapist at the school. Part of my role is to carry out handwriting screeners for all prep and targeted year 1 students who display difficulties with this particular skill . The aim of the handwriting screener is to identify students with letter formation challenges and provide them with strategies in class and/or through a focused group which runs for 6-12 weeks.​

Children with handwriting concerns can present with:

  • Letters incorrectly formed
  • Writing difficulty to read
  • Writing un-aligned across the page
  • Size of letters seem too large or small
  • Incorrect pencil grip
  • Poor fine motor control

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the school.​

Speech Pathologist 

Speech-Jenny1.jpgOral language screeners are completed on all Prep students in addition to Year 1 and 2 students who previously failed the screener. Identified Prep students with speech concerns are also screened. The results of the screeners enable the​ SLP to determine which student will receive group or individual support. ​

Please feel free to contact Jenny Tang should you have any questions.


Last reviewed 06 December 2022
Last updated 06 December 2022