Our Mathematics Curriculum is taken directly from the Australian Curriculum and delivered through a range of innovative practices.

Our Numeracy Coaching Team is headed by Eva De Vries.

Our mathematical pedagogy has is based on the following key principles:

  • Support teachers to plan and implement effective mathematical strategies while examining the assessment of students' growth in mathematics (formative and summative);
  • Build a collaborative partnership between teachers, teacher aides and the community, to implement culturally appropriate learning experiences for all students;
  • Build teacher aide  capacity by assisting them  to become key players working with teachers and students in classrooms.

To ensure that we effectively cater for the learning contexts of all students, teachers facilitate differentiation using:  

  • visually and kinaesthetically stimulating resources
  • age appropriate pedagogies and best practice
  • the language of mathematics, and
  •  culturally inclusive teaching and learning

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Last reviewed 27 January 2023
Last updated 27 January 2023